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Paul Hodgson

Welcome to my site.

Firstly, I’m not that Paul Hodgson (the famous rugby player, even though I tried to be that too) and if you’ve reached here via a search engine, you’ll notice there are lots of us with the same name.

I’m a Paul Hodgson from North Yorkshire in the UK, I consider York to be my home town, even though I was born in Scarborough, as I spent my formative years there.  A nod of respect to Hull also, where I spent my time doing my undergraduate degree.  You have find out more about me from my time line or from my collection of about-me posts.

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life in technology, in business and working and living internationally.  Since 2009 I’ve lived in Valais, Switzerland (hence the background picture to this page) as I changed lifestyle, to enjoy a greater quality of life, and to work with others in transforming themselves and their organisations.  

This site is primarily used to gather my research and posts when learning and working.  You can find these in my blog.  Apart from my day job, I’m an online UN Volunteer, helping causes with their tech around the world, and I work on local projects to keep my digital and tech skills up to date.