MSc Information Technology

University of Liverpool specialising in Web Development, Databases, Networking, E-Commerce, Security and MultiMedia.  Graduated with Merit.

Research dissertation entitled “Towards Client/Server Reliability for Distributed Assessment in Uncontrolled Environments”.  Here is the abstract:

The focus of this research is in the area of distributed assessments in the uncontrolled user environment.  In the uncontrolled user environment, the user provides their own machine in order to undertake all aspects of work, which extends to distributed assessment.  The research approach adopted in this dissertation was a case study based upon an academic institution that offered distributed assessments using users’ machines via a virtual learning environment where the technical infrastructure was not designed for this particular use and reliability issues were being experienced as a result.  The findings from this research provide evidence that distributed assessments in uncontrolled environments require network architecture, process and client considerations in order to mitigate risks of technical failure when stakes are high.  The main conclusions drawn from this study are in the form of technical recommendations for network architecture to minimise data communication disruption and client wireless connection issues, to maximise the potential for disaster recovery and to form policies and institutional recommendations for client machines and software requirements.  This dissertation recommends that careful consideration be given to the impact of technical risks on distributed assessment in the uncontrolled user environment and how best to mitigate those risks.

If you’d like to read the full paper, please contact me.