1. lynnmillard
    14/09/2015 @ 05:31

    I have wanted to switch to electronic textbooks for the past three years in my classroom. What is bothering the administration is that there is a renewal fee for updates after three years. We are still using the same text books purchased 15 years ago. This is going to restructure how they budget for books. It is long past due thought because as much as I love my books, in the current environments they are dated before they are even printed.

    Love the post. I remember cracking open my college books, knowing they were all mine and I was going to be able to get so much out of them, make annotations, underline, highlight and they would be my reference books. I still hate to give them up as much as I love digital.

    Another aspect is study skills. My daughter switched to e-books in college and had to relearn how to study because she too is a bibliophile. She felt handicapped by not being able to make annotations like she used to. In my research I found some accessory pads that can be used to use books like we used to and make our annotations, because ready or not, they are here.

  2. Yali
    14/09/2015 @ 06:00

    Hi Paul,
    Great post on evaluating the evolution from paper books to ebooks. I used to prefer paper books because I like the feeling of holding a book of knowledge in my hands. I also found it helpful for me to retain information in my brain when reading a paper book, because the layout of the page and where certain information is located help me remember the information itself.
    As I started my graduate study, I began to use e-text books because of its convenience. I started to like ebooks because I can quickly search for information with the e-reader’s search function. This is especially helpful for graduate study because we always have to cite detailed information. The fact that ebooks can be stored in a small device is also important for me. Instead of carrying several heavy books around, I only need a computer or a mobile device to access to all books.

  3. Bruce Sabala
    15/09/2015 @ 12:17


    Your journey to ebook I have also shared. Its a convenience and hassle at the same time. Good for the environment in theory but not practiced by natives of this world as there are certain individuals need that tangible book to engage its content thus printing certain sections or entirety of the book. A good e-reader as you mention is a benefit to especially with annotation features. You mention also mention physical convenience to the e-books but there is that aethethic feel reading contents from a book from that fibers of the paper and to the customized covers which e-books cannot replicate. I disagree on though cost though there is only a scant difference in pricing. E-books for adults and physical books for the children to get the sense of engagement and interactivity with the content.