1. Yali
    11/10/2015 @ 03:22

    Hi Paul,
    Great discussion on forums as a rhyme of history. I learned a lot about the ancient forums. Today online forums play an essential role in many cases. For example, I use online forums regularly for my blended language courses. It is a great way to engage students to interact with each other and learn from their peers. They can express their opinions about current events, debate with their classmates, and discuss for group projects. Language is a communication tool. So putting what they learn in the language to social interaction makes the target language alive, rather than only a learning subject.

  2. lynnmillard
    11/10/2015 @ 05:06

    Paul, I have found it interesting how many different rhymes of history we have found in these discussions. This seemed like an easy assignment, but the value is reading the immense variety of things from the past that are expounded on, expanded or reinvented from the past. Thank you for your insights.

  3. Bruce Sabala
    11/10/2015 @ 17:43


    The forums is a great informative sites available especially with the DIY society we are evolving too. I have found them to be time and cost effective. Credibility of the posters is my only concern but at times you have some jumping into the forum to refute some of the postings then a heated discussion erupts. Then you have countless of threads to go through to obtain that information. With the internet it has erupted and you can actually can create or find a forum on almost any topic. Great choice for this topic.

  4. idinnovation
    12/10/2015 @ 02:00

    Hi Paul,

    Interesting that you chose to talk about forums. Forums for me are really communities. Much like how we are all responding to each others blogs. While this does not provide the contextual environment of a traditional forum this blog’s comments take on some of the same characteristics.