iBooks Author, iBooks App & JAMF Pro – Caching Issues Solved

I’ve been producing some interactive iBooks as a part of my day-to-day work and distributing them to institutionally owned iPads and Macs via a JAMF Pro cloud installation.  In the process we would produce an iBook then duplicate it and update the content for another purpose; the most efficient way when dealing with a great deal of content.

These iBooks are updated every 6 months and logically you’d think that to push the updated iBooks, you would just delete the old ones and add the new ones to JAMF Pro.  However, we experienced some strange behaviour on the iPads; the iBooks app would only accept one of the iBooks randomly, would sometime not update the cover page, or the iBook would remember old cover pages or use ones from a different iBook.

Having trawled the web in search of anyone experiencing similar issues, I found a few who talked about clearing caches, deleting apps, trying different JAMP Pro techniques or just waiting.  None of these solved the problem.

Regardless of all other solutions, I found one thing worked.  A menu item in iBooks Author on the file menu called “Reset for iBooks Store…”.  Do this before you export for publication, regardless of whether you are going to use the iBooks Store or, as we do, publish in-house iBooks directly to devices using JAMF Pro and all of these issues are resolved.