1. Yali
    06/11/2015 @ 08:46

    Hi Paul,
    I agree with you in that video-on-demand may obsolete DVDs. There has been a decline in the use of spinning disks (Real Team, 2013). One prominent advantage of video-on-demand is convenience. We can select the movie online and watch it immediately. While we have to go to a store or a red box to get a DVD, or wait for a DVD to be mailed while ordered online. This advantage will remain an important element to drive DVDs out from the market eventually.
    Real Team. (2013). How video on demand is killing the DVD. Retrieved from http://www.real.com/resources/video-on-demand-services/

  2. Bruce Sabala
    06/11/2015 @ 10:57


    The convenience is in Video on Demand especially with portability and anytime but these streaming service are starting to be costly especially with NEtflix gradually increasing their prices. Internet connection is handicap but Comcast has made a feature that allows you download and streamed content into your device for future viewing this may be future for VoD and put the final nail in DVD’s becoming a relic of the past. The only thing that Video On Demand is weak on is finding certain programing that may not be available but would be found on DVD’s so they do not have a extensive library or would have to join various streaming service to get that access.

  3. idinnovation
    08/11/2015 @ 20:53

    Hi Paul,

    Great post, one of the major disappointments I have heard of recently is streaming services and cable companies not being able to meet the image quality of the televisions on the market. Do you think that VoD will be able to update it’s media content at a pace where it does lose user interest?