1. Yali
    27/09/2015 @ 08:10

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you for pointing out instant communication or feedback as one of the things that tablets enhance in the classroom. Indeed, with many students and only one teacher in the class, it is challenging to provide immediate feedback to every student. With tablets, students can use educational apps or tools and receive evaluation instantaneously. For example, many of my students use language educational apps to study new words. They can use the apps to test themselves on their vocabulary retention and get instant feedback on their answers.

  2. idinnovation
    27/09/2015 @ 13:42

    You selected tablets in the classroom as your topic this week which I think was a good choice. More and more I hear about teachers using tablets in the classroom. Often these tablets are their personal tablets and not supplied by the school. Being that I work in corporate learning, I do not share these experiences. You spoke about virtual reality and neuroscience making tablets obsolete. Given the current trends in society, I am more inclined to believe neuroscience will lead that effort. How much is virtual reality applied in education? I think on the surface virtuality might be considered a lost opportunity, however, if the educational system allocates the appropriate time and money it could be a game changer.

  3. Bruce Sabala
    30/09/2015 @ 11:48

    Your choice of tablet as the technology enhancing the classroom experience is evident. But those applications are not cheap and classroom and even in corporations have to invest or come up with a budget to incorporate them in the classroom. The tablet is replacing alot of technologies and its portability is a great reason to adopt it. There is the need for accessories like keyboards or better holographic keyboards and other supplemental devices that are coming out to create a more immersive and engaging experience. To make these tablets viable certain parts need to be upgraded like hard drive, CPU or video card to increase their longevity. What your going to have is a mountain of obsolete tablets. The neuroscience you mention in the future is a great concept immediate download of data straight to the brain. The big question will it be like the movie the matrix where you learn it instantaneously.