1. idinnovation
    23/10/2015 @ 13:55

    Hi Paul,

    I also wrote my blog on Google Glass. I was wondering if in your research you read about the scandal that occurred between the Google co-founder Mr. Brin and Amanda Rosenberg, a marketing manager on Google Glass. Do you think that scandals can negatively impact the success of a product? If you’d like to read the article in which I am referencing it can be found in the link below.



    • Paul Hodgson Paul Hodgson
      25/10/2015 @ 09:29

      Hi Sharifa

      With social media being occasionally judge, jury and executioner for products and the people that work with them, I believe greatly that people will not buy a product if they don’t feel right about the circumstances around it. I teach the 3Ps (Profit, Planet, People) in terms of planning for business and what you need to be mindful of for success.

  2. Yali
    25/10/2015 @ 00:17

    Hi Paul,
    Great post on the disruptive power of Google Glass! Indeed, privacy issue is one of the reasons for Google Glass to retreat. Some public venues banned Google Glass. Such places include banks, concerts, theaters, hospitals, bars, casinos, and classrooms (Costill, 2013). However, with continuous updates with the innovation, like the new Glass at Work, I believe there will be certain market for Google Glass in the future.

    Costil, A. (2013). Top 10 places that have banned Google Glass. Retrieved from http://www.searchenginejournal.com/top-10-places-that-have-banned-google-glass/66585/

  3. Bruce Sabala
    27/10/2015 @ 17:36

    Hello Paul,

    You mention interesting points on privacy and what google glass encountered in its inception, The smart contact lenses is interesting but that would spell more problem especially with privacy. But google glass is making a comeback for the enterprise sector as you mention . Hopefully it will allow for more mult-tasking capability. My only suggestion for privacy concern is not to have them allowed in certain areas which can be monitored unlike the contact lenses you mention. The device is still tethered to the smart phone device its functionality is still dependent on it but if evolves without the mobile device it will make smart phones extinct. I’ve never used it but have you? I wonder if you can interact with the information or is it just a receptacle for information?

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    20/10/2016 @ 23:42

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