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  • 04/12/2017

    Ann Foundation

    unv-logo As a UN Online Volunteer, I support this educational charitable foundation with anything to do with their online presence or administrative systems; Hosting, WordPress WebMaster, Digital Marketing adviser, GSuite & Administrator.  
  • 15/01/2016


    Settusfree Helped this dog rescue charity optimise their online presence, re-brand, automate and improve their website and social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) and increased their online success by 1,000% according to Google Analytics, which led to more volunteers, donations and, ultimately, dogs being rescued.
  • 08/08/2015

    Educational Technology Director

    Leading Digital and Online Learning, Digital Media, Digital Transformation and supporting enabling systems. Device Enrolment Program (DEP), Apple School Manager, Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), JAMF Pro, Moodle, SEO Educational Tools, Simulations, LimeSurvey Systems and Basecamp. I also run an Innovation Lab and Media Studio where we research new valuable innovations and technologies (e.g. AI, […]
  • 02/11/2012

    MSc Information Technology

    University of Liverpool specialising in Web Development, Databases, Networking, E-Commerce, Security and MultiMedia.  Graduated with Merit. Research dissertation entitled “Towards Client/Server Reliability for Distributed Assessment in Uncontrolled Environments”.  Here is the abstract: The focus of this research is in the area of distributed assessments in the uncontrolled user environment.  In the uncontrolled user environment, the […]
  • 13/12/2009
  • 01/10/2009
  • 01/07/2009
  • 14/04/2005

    Qualified in Energy Efficiency

    I qualified with a City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating (England and Wales) in 2005 in order to design and participate in the assessment process for these skills.
  • 14/04/2005

    Qualified UK Electrician

    I achieved an EMTA Award in Domestic Electrical Installations in 2005 and a City & Guilds BS 7671 Level 3 Certificate in the Requirements of Electrical Installations in 2008 in order to design cabled infrastructure for networking and to understand the assessment process for similar qualifications.  
  • 01/04/2005

    Finance Director – Commercial Property Investments

    A surprise move when the leased company offices were put on the market with a warning that we may be required to relocate; that would have been expensive.  As a result a startup was launch to buy the offices as a commercial investment, which led to other such investments.
  • 14/11/2004

    Project Manager with PRINCE2 Practitioner

    I qualified as a PRINCE2 Practitioner (to assessor level) in 2004 for a contract that used this methodology to track a critical project.
  • 16/11/2003

    First WordPress Website

    I had written my own Web Content Management system in PERL for my customers to edit the content on their own websites.  When I first saw WordPress, I knew that my own product was finished and decided to become a WordPress expert and dedicated my future web development to this platform.
  • 15/08/2003

    Freelance System Designer, Developer & Trainer

    I worked all over the world designing and developing systems and software and training professionals and higher education students in: Software Training, Excel Expert Coding with HTML, CSS, Perl and PHP Databases with MySQL / Flatfiles Process optimisation and automation Digital copyright and digital rights management Entrepreneurship Data modelling and linear/non-linear optimisation using excel and […]
  • 01/07/2000

    Professional, Executive & Higher Education

    I’ve acted as a visiting and full-time trainer / faculty member at several higher education and professional training organisations since 1994.  I started with this full-time in 2009. I’m fully capable to expert level in under graduate, post graduate, professional and executive education in my specialist areas and am comfortable in face-to-face, blended and online […]
  • 13/12/1999
  • 14/09/1999

    Product Manager for Artificial Intelligence Software

    I took a break from my businesses due to the interesting nature of this position and I spent 2 years working in the UK & USA managing an artificial intelligence software product, written in LISP / LISL, for page layout for publications in the publishing industry.  Being responsible for taking it from 1 installation to […]
  • 08/06/1998

    First eLearning Courses Authored in PHP / MySQL

    Too early for the market, I developed a way for customers to study online, if they wished.  This was largely based around downloaded training materials, forums and self-check quizzes before they attended to take an exam.
  • 09/04/1998

    IT Director – Training & Assessment

    In this startup, I partnered with to deliver training and government approved assessments to the construction industry; gas, electric, water and oil.  This centre became the leading centre in the UK.  I looked after the whole business except for the training and assessment activities.
  • 13/10/1997

    Transformation & Complex Change Management

    Since starting in tech professionally in 1993, every position has involved a large degree of change or transformation to whoever I’m working with, sometimes painfully for those involved.  As a result, complex change is a normal part of life for me.  I’ve learned a great deal about aligning the ultimate objective of the change with […]
  • 08/04/1997

    First eCommerce System Authored in PERL

    With an early-adopter customer, selling physical products, I developed an online eCommerce (ordering and payment system) using PERL.  This remained in use for several years and helped them transform their business from local to global.
  • 15/01/1997

    Managing Director – Web Hosting, Design, Development, Digtial Marketing & Training

    My first position as a director in my own startup, I looked after everything except generating leads; that we delivered what we said we would and that the customer was happy with our service.  This involved working with coding, databases, graphics, digital marketing, technical support, training and running the accounts system.
  • 01/01/1997
  • 14/07/1996

    Certified Hospitality Educator

    I qualified as a Certified Hospitality Educator in 1996 in the AH&MA professional development programme.
  • 08/11/1995
  • 08/08/1995

    First HTML Website Authored

    I authored and published the first hospitality education website in Switzerland, having taken it upon myself during a summer holiday to learn all of the skills needed in hosting, HTML and graphics.
  • 15/01/1994

    Spreadsheets Trainer

    I first stepped into the higher education classroom at 24 years old to guide undergraduate students in the use of spreadsheets.  At the time the standard was changing from SuperCalc to Lotus 1-2-3 and finally to Excel.  This evolved into data modelling and data simulation creation and finally to linear and non-linear programming.
  • 14/08/1993

    HelpDesk & Head of Information Technology

    I started on the Information Technology (IT) HelpDesk to gain some experience as although I was already heavily into tech out of personal interest, I had zero service experience. I dealt with hardware troubleshooting, LAN ethernet based networking, virus / spyware removal and data recovery. I progressed to management during this time and also started […]
  • 01/08/1993
  • 14/07/1991

    Accountant & Auditor

    I trained professionally as a Chartered Accountant. The profession wasn’t for me, but I never regretted the valuable skills this gave me.  After a useful time, I left to retrain into Information technology professionally. As a result of this position and the companies I have setup and run, I’m up to date with all aspects […]
  • 08/06/1991

    BA (Hons) Accountancy & Finance

    University of Lincoln (was Humberside Polytechnic), Graduated with a 2.2 (Desmond) in 1991.
  • 01/09/1988
  • 13/12/1987
  • 09/07/1986

    Started Coding & Designing Graphics

    I’d had games machines before this (Atari, BBC Micro, Vic20) but didn’t really do anything other than play published games. One day a Mac SE appeared at home courtesy of my sister and it hooked me immediately.  I started using it to design stationery and flyers for my first business.  This led to me buying […]
  • 14/12/1984


    At the age of 15, my father said that I needed to earn my own money; no more handouts.  We lived rurally and I had no transport but was into music (vinyl), so I borrowed some money from him and set myself up as a DJ and I employed a driver (sometimes my father, whom […]
  • 13/12/1969


    Yorkshire Rose
    In Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK.